Laser scanning technology has the ability to revolutionise safety and productivity in underground mining environments. From real-time shotcrete measurements to slope stability alerts, our advanced, automated scanner and software packages can help to support existing mine safety systems in an integrated package.

Our remote underground mine monitoring systems have been built to withstand the harshest of conditions. Simple to set up and easy to use, monitor deformation, measure stockpiles or calculates blast volumes – all at the click of a button.

Strategically placed LiDAR sensors can be deployed in areas which pose a great risk to onsite personnel. Monitoring rockfall events, extraction levels and displacement remotely can help underground mining operations to get closer to zero-harm targets.

Simple, Scalable, Automated

SITEMONITOR LIVE provides advanced analysis of geological features via repeat, time-series LiDAR measurements.

Real-time 3D Monitoring

With three separate modules combined into a single interface, SITEMONITOR LIVE has been designed to automate onsite surveys. +BERMS, +VOLUMES and +SLOPES can be used independently or combined into a powerful single interface.

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3D Measurements - On Demand

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE has been designed to streamline progress monitoring by providing real-time 3D measurements of surface change.

Simple, Scalable, Automated

Calculate shotcrete thickness at the touch of a button. Monitor tunnel profiling progress remotely. With an IP65 rated scanner, PROCESSMONITOR LIVE has been specifically designed for use on underground construction projects to help improve safety and efficiency.

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Underground Mining Technology from
3D Laser Mapping


Automatically monitor cross sections and headings at the click of a button for streamlined tunnel profiling

Shotcrete Measurements

Capture 3D data on demand to accurately map and measure surfaces during shotcrete applications


Monitor areas prone to rockfall and slope displacement, with automatic change detection alerts