UAV LiDAR – Laser Scanning With Drones

UAV LiDAR has been one of the most eagerly anticipated technologies of the last 10 years. Drones are changing the way surveyors can capture imagery and data and the incorporation of a laser scanner can take things one step further. With lightweight and compact options for off-the-shelf drones, to robust and accurate systems for heavy-lift commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAV LiDAR systems are now an accessible and affordable investment for most surveying businesses.

Combining photogrammetry techniques with UAV LiDAR can give enhanced results across a range of applications – from precision agriculture to powerline inspections, drones make it easy to cover large or difficult to access areas in minutes. Results can be faster and more cost effective for projects where airborne LiDAR would be prohibitively expensive or where repeat surveys are needed to monitor environmental conditions or provide situational analysis on a on an ongoing basis.

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Applications for UAV LiDAR


Infrastructure Surveys

UAVs allow for rapid data collection for large scale projects without causing disruption to services


Agriculture & Forestry

Drones can help to map and monitor agricultural and forestry operations on an ongoing basis.

civil engineering

Civil Engineering & Surveying

UAV LiDAR will become critical to civil engineers & surveyors looking to build the cities of the future.

mining & natural resources

Mining & Natural Resources

Use UAV laser scanning to help improve the safety and efficiency of your mine, quarry or extractives operation