Tunnel construction can be one of the most difficult and dangerous of civil engineering or mining tasks. With lack of visibility contributing to the hazardous environmental conditions, it can be hard to ensure worker safety and achieve progress to agreed timelines. PROCESSMONITOR LIVE utilises the latest in LiDAR technology which uses the pulsed light from a laser to calculate measurements. This means that it can operate remotely, with limited visibility or even complete darkness, making it ideal for tunnel construction projects.

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE can be used to ensure tunnel profiling tasks are accurate, shotcrete applications are efficient and safety risks are reduced. The unique underground monitoring software interface is simple to set up and easy to use.

From underground mining to subterranean transportation, tunnel construction projects are time consuming and complex to deliver. Using real-time 3D datasets, combined with world-leading automation software, it’s possible to streamline tunnelling processes to deliver projects on-time and to budget.


Streamline Your Next Tunnel Construction Project with PROCESSMONITOR LIVE

Tunnel Construction Technology from
3D Laser Mapping


Automatically monitor cross sections and headings at the click of a button for streamlined tunnel profiling


Capture data on demand to accurately map and measure surfaces during shotcrete applications


Monitor areas prone to rockfall and displacement with automated change detection settings and real-time alerts

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