Release Notes – MMCapture

MMCapture 18.03

New features:
  • Added ability to capture 12-bit images using Ladubug 5. Capture rate is limited to 3 frames per second. To use this feature, modify the <Camera Type> tag in the XML file as follows:
    • For 12-bit images: <Camera Type="Ladybug" LadybugImageQuality="HIGH" Brightness="5" FrameRate="3"/>
    • For 8-bit images: <Camera Type="Ladybug" LadybugImageQuality="LOW" Brightness="5" FrameRate="3"/>
  • [MMCAP-31] – XML template file updated to inlude full scanner model numbers
  • [MMCAP-32] – References to <GPS> in XML template file changed to <INS> for clarity
  • [MMCAP-50] – Fixed support for recording from dual scanners
  • [MMCAP-51] – Fixed a bug in setting scanning parameters, resuting in an “ArgumentOutOfRangeException” error
  • [MMCAP-55] – Fixed a bug where the user was unable to connect to the camera on start up