We understand the importance of customer support

Therefore trained and experienced technicians are on hand to ensure the potential of a system is maximised. We can offer customised training, on-site implementation or remote support and we organise a range of industry-specific conferences to promote laser scanning and develop user communities. 3D Laser Mapping has a reputation for supplying first class technical support to customers. As a commitment to continuously improving the quality of our support, we have implemented two resources to help our customers find a quick resolution to their problem:

  • A remote desktop (“screen-sharing”) tool, to allow a 3DLM support technician to connect to a client’s computer and talk them through the solution to the problem, just select the desktop icon from the left.
  • Submitting a ticket from the ticket tab above so that we can route your request to the people who have the answers you are looking for.

Of course we are still available on the telephone using the support hotline number listed here, or you can log a support query by email.

Support hotline: +44 (0) 1949 838004


Remote Desktop Service

We can now offer an increased level of on-demand support using remote desktop (“screen-sharing”) software. This makes it easy for us to see the exact problem you are having in an interactive way, allowing us to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

All you need to do is download a small file using the link below, run the program and give the ID number and password to your customer support contact. We can then connect to your PC, view your screen and, if necessary, and with your permission, take control of your mouse and keyboard to demonstrate the solution.

The Ticket System is being updated for now please send an email to:


Our Cloud Storage

Laser Scanning Jargon

To help understand the language used in the world of laser scanning please visit our Laser Scanning Jargon Page