Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Mapping Data

Orbit GT is a world leading LiDAR data processing software suite, giving you the ability to manage, measure and share mobile mapping data throughout any organisation. Orbit GT’s mobile mapping portfolio covers the widest range of applications, maximising investment in mobile mapping hardware and capturing activities.

Extract features using Orbit’s Mobile Mapping solutions to produce and update content faster and more effectively than ever before. Use Orbit’s mobile mapping Publisher to share over the internet, embed in your corporate software, and deliver to mobile devices.

Orbit Product Range

Mobile Mapping Software

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Oblique Mapping

Oblique mapping

3D Mapping Cloud

Benefits of Orbit GT – LiDAR Data Processing

Mobile Mapping is now accessible to Everyone
There was once a time where Mobile Mapping content was too complex, too large to handle, too difficult to understand. Those days are history.

Mobile Mapping Systems Support
The Orbit Mobile Mapping Manager supports all knowns mobile mapping systems.. The import process optimizes and indexes all data for optimal use so that all collected data offers the same user experience. Import Templates are tuned to each individual vehicle for optimal support.

Natural Navigation
After Import, you’re immediately ready to go navigate through the imagery and point clouds that you have been collecting. Easy zoom and roam, jump in and out of 3D view, move to any viewing point in the cloud, apply great colorization schemes, and lots more.

Overlay and Measure
Combine easily with your GIS data and overlay it in image and point cloud 3D views. Measure tools allow to measure points, lines, area’s directly in the point cloud, or even using only images and triangulation.

Check and Inspect
Visualize the trajectory with color scheme presentation according to GPS accuracy. Check if the data meets your accuracy demands. Add Ground Control points and measure the deviation for each point to get a good QA/QC.

High End Productivity with Mobile Mapping
Orbit Asset Inventory is the high end desktop solutions from Orbit’s Mobile Mapping Portfolio. It is available in stand-alone and client-server setups.

Sharing the Data
Use the Orbit Mobile Mapping Publisher to share the data on the web and to mobile devices, or integrate in existing geospatila solutions, corporate wide.

Applications for Orbit GT

Find out more about using Orbit GT for your next mobile mapping project.

Key Features

Easy access to all Mobile Mapping content, Natural Navigation through imagery - unlimited size point clouds, Broad spectrum of presentation and colorization techniques, Integration with GIS data, Overlays, High Accuracy Measurement tools

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