SiteMonitor LIVE is a fully automated inventory management system for stockpile monitoring. With rapidly communicating sensors working together to display information via automated reports in both graphical and Excel formats, decision making is made easy with the use of SiteMonitor LIVE.

How it works

SiteMonitor LIVE is a customisable solution, based on a system of laser scanners, control boxes and software packages. The number of laser scanners and their placement can vary from customer to customer in order to achieve the best results for each particular site.
Stockpiles are scanned at customisable, regular intervals, gaining volume and tonnage data that can then be analysed and managed daily using the software packages installed.

Single or Multiple Laser Scanners
Each scanner can measure a horizontal field of view of 340 degrees to a range of 250m. The scanner can measure 40,000 points per second to an accuracy of 10mm. With a IP67 rating the scanner can withstand many difficult conditions.
Control/Communication Box
A key part to SiteMonitor LIVE, this unit ensures communication between the scanner and the dedicated on-site PC. The unit also powers the scanner from mains or 24V local supply. This box is to be located in the nearby vicinity of the scanner.
Dedicated On-Site PC
Running SiteMonitor LIVE Software, the scans can be setup, initiated, results viewed and reports generated.

SM-LIVE-250 3D Scanner

  • Maximum range: 250m
  • Resolution: 1mm
  • Accuracy: 10mm
  • Field of View: 90 x 340 degrees
  • Scan rate: 20Hz or 40Hz
  • Laser Class: 1M
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Power supply: 24V / 7W
  • Temperature range (operating): -30 ° C to + 50 ° C
  • Temperature range (storage): -30 ° C to + 80 ° C
  • Weight: 10kg

SiteMonitor LIVE is installed on the site PC, allowing the client to view the current and past scans. You can view the following via this interface:

  • System configurations
  • Calculations
  • 3D graphic representations
  • Scan data
  • Histories
  • Accessible available to all personnel that are allowed access to this information
  • Customised to represent the site layout and lists all storage vessels/stockpiles on the system.
  • Flexible enables you to input a bulk density to be applied to each product/stockpile which allows a report of all values in a tonnage format. All reporting is published to the client via CSV files.

The software also provides site summaries, summaries by grade, detailed information of individual storage vessels/stockpiles and grading information.

SiteMonitor LIVE is a progression of our market leading SiteMonitor Volumes software, which now features new architecture and extended features for automated volumetric measurements. SiteMonitor LIVE also offers an improved, more user-friendly user experience to make monitoring and inventory management more accessible for smaller business operations.

  • Why is SiteMonitor LIVE an improvement?
    Existing Methods are rarely up to date, for example, manual surveying results and modern process controls require information more frequently updated. Manual Surveying:
    • Typically updated only once a month
    • Surveyor need to access potentially unsafe locations
    • Requires special skilled staff
    • Large potential error chain from surveying, data conversion and human communication
    • Downtime for measurement
    Computer Models:
    • Integration errors by summing up inflow and outflow from belt scales over time etc.
    • Errors from the assumed angle of repose (changes with water content, particle size etc.) and uncontrolled surface according to stacking/drawing process
    • Manual manipulation of the stockpile with dozers or loaders
    • Stockpile slump at steep slopes cut by a reclaimer
    Breaking Limitations by providing real-time accurate 3D models and precise volume measurements of the entire pile during full operation.
    • SiteMonitor LIVE outperforms other systems in precision and reliability
    • Provides a solid data base for production execution and inventory management
    • Material quality tracking
  • What are the benefits of SiteMonitor LIVE?
    The system provides reliable real-time measurements that form the basis of any kind of inventory control, remote operation or automation of stockpiles.
    • Exact inventory control at any time
    • Exact height information of the stockpile at any place
    • Exact positioning of tripper car, scraper, reclaimer, gantry
    • FIFO Stockpile Management for sticky material such as sulphur, salt, steam coal
    • High precision and high reliability
    • Basis for remote control and automation
  • Where is SiteMonitor LIVE used?
    ndustries/Materials: SiteMonitor LIVE is used in many industries from mining operations to power production and cement companies to the petrochemical industry. It can be employed wherever bulk material is stocked and stockyards:
    • Metal mining (primary and secondary crushed ore)
    • Metal mining (concentrate)
    • Coal stockpiles
    • Cement raw mix blending stockpiles
    • Sulphur and salt (incl. first-in-first-out operations)