SiteMonitor SLOPES is an automatic, remote laser based measurement system that enables hazardous or inaccessible areas to be safely monitored. This is achieved through the high-accuracy, automated, long range monitoring system that has the flexibility and performance to function in a wide range of applications. SiteMonitor SLOPES captures repeat, time-series laser measurements which are used to generate highly detailed 3D displacement maps of the surface under investigation.

The data displayed can be used to indicate imminent failure and other custom set alarm criteria, to ensure critical safety-monitoring decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. Through custom set alarming criteria and high tech geospatial analysis tools, the data can be used not only to identify and monitor any acceleration in movements which often occur as a precursor to large scale failures, but to understand the failure mechanics and determine effective future mitigation techniques.

System Operation


  • Automatic (Continuous) or Periodic data capture
  • Precise and accurate measurements
  • Simple and reliable hardware
  • Wizard-based setup allows personalized monitoring schedules


  • Visualise, examine and analyse your data
  • Identify and query movement with the Analytical Toolbox
  • Track displacement through time. Correlate results with external datasets
  • Create figures and reports to communicate and share results easily


  • Improve Safety: Alarm your data to mitigate against failure in real time
  • Early detection of surface movements and moisture leakage
  • Improve decision-making with real, easy to understand evidence
In our current era we are employed within a demanding and dynamic mining environment where mechanisation is a keyword used and applied. The SiteMonitor setup and Acquisition module has really catered for this in the sense that it simplified human interaction and increased safety and productivity within this arduous environmentFrans Benadé, Section Surveyor at Mogalawena Mine
  • Range This refers to the absolute range to the selected data or measure distance to the points from the scanner (in meters)
  • Displacement Rate This displays the rate at which displacement is occurring, which is mm/day. This can be viewed in incremental mode or averaged according time/scans. Displacement rate can give significant information about the acceleration of movement or failure.
  • Volume The software provides the volume in cubic meters of selected areas of interest. This is significantly used in determining the volume of failed material.
  •  Vertical and horizontal sections The user is also able to extract vertical and horizontal sections of an area of interest. One can view the change in vertical section of any slope deformation over a number of scans or period of time.
  • Report SiteMonitor can generate report on HTML format. The content of the report is user defined, and once the report has been exported the user is also able modify it.
  • Rockfall It provided information on rockfall events and maintains history, as seen on the case study below.
  • Stereonets Geological or Geotechnical structural information forms an integral part of slope management in determining the type of failure mechanism. Stereonet plot functionality provides this information for Rock Engineers to analyse.
  • Displacement The displacement graph gives information about the relative range difference between the baseline survey (Reference Set) and the currently selected data. This aids to provide information on movement of ground for potentially unstable areas. The image below depicts evolution of potentially unstable area through cumulative displacement.
Using the SiteMonitor software has been a great experience for me. One of the major challenges faced by Geotechnical Engineers in open pit mines today is the current lack of a system for rock fall risk management. The SiteMonitor software provides a solution to this problem. It…enables
us to assess the risk and to ensure that appropriate rock fall mitigation is in place. There is no other system currently in the market that is capable of offering the sames functionalities.Ernest Rankhododo, Chief Rock Engineer at Moglalakwena Mine

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SiteMonitor is currently being used and developed in partnership with Durham University, looking into developing a system to monitor erosion and rockfall on coastal cliff faces.

Innovation & Research Focus: ‘Real time laser mapping for monitoring coastal erosion and rockfall’