SITEMONITOR LIVE is a scalable platform for capturing and managing 3D data. Designed to work in harsh industrial environments, our latest patented LiDAR-based solution provides enhanced operational and environmental intelligence in a modular package.

SITEMONITOR LIVE represents a step-change in the approach to situational monitoring. From real-time volumetric calculations to critical slope stability alerts, we combine automated systems and software to offer improvements in safety, efficiency and productivity.

SITEMONITOR LIVE – Change Detection Using LiDAR

Automatic change-detection can make the difference when planning and executing an operation-wide smart-strategy. Our intelligent, sensor driven systems provide data on demand, with real-time results and automated reports which are accessible anywhere, allowing time-critical decisions to be made remotely.

Each module has been designed to answer a specific challenge, yet can be combined into the same simple user interface for an easy to manage workflow.

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stockpile measurement

SITEMONITOR +VOLUMES removes the need to manually measure stockpiles. Our industry leading scanner and software package provides time-series automated calculations to improve the safety and accuracy of surveys.

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stockpile measurement

SITEMONITOR LIVE +BERMS offers an automated solution for the continuous monitoring of the structural integrity and height of these safety critical features, safeguarding the lives of operatives and productivity of operations.

sitemonitor for slopes

SITEMONITOR LIVE +SLOPES has been designed to monitor slopes in both industrial and environmental settings. This unique solution compares data collected over a period of time to identify rockfall and other precursors to slope failure.