SITEMONITOR: VOLUMES removes the need to manually measure stockpiles. Our industry leading scanner and software package provides time-series automated calculations to improve the safety and accuracy of surveys. Operating at over 95% accuracy, this intuitive and easy to manage system streamlines inventory management for remote or large operations.

Multiple scanner set-ups offer enhanced coverage, with the ability to measure at business-critical intervals – end of shift, run-of-mine calculations and waste management.

SITEMONITOR LIVE: VOLUMES integrates seamlessly with other SITEMONITOR LIVE modules for site wide intelligence. 

The pointcloud above, colourised by height, shows two stockpiles one week apart. The stockpile has been altered between the two scans. Below is a cross section of the pointcloud clearly showing the change between points A and B.

First Week: Blue Line
Second Week: Green Line


  • Stockpile volume calculations
  • Mined volume reconciliation
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics planning

Key Features

  • Scalable solution for a future-proof investment
  • Fully automated data collection and reporting
  • Multiple scanner set-up for 360° view or site-wide coverage
  • Web based interface for real-time intelligence anywhere in the world