Simple, Automated, Real-Time


SITEMONITOR: SHOTCRETE has been designed to improve the efficiency and safety of sprayed concrete applications. Using sensor driven technology, the unique package automates density reporting meaning that operators can measure and visualise the applied shotcrete thickness in real-time.

Measuring the thickness of applied shotcrete can be a time consuming and hazardous task. SITEMONITOR: SHOTCRETE uses advanced technology to remotely scan areas where repairs and concrete application may be needed. Once the shotcrete has been applied, another scan can be automated to calculate the thickness, giving the operator remote data in seconds.

  • Tunnel Lining Maintenance
  • Identification of Persistent Leakage Zones
  • Bridge & Structural Repairs
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Underground Construction
  • Structural Feature Identification
  • Easy to operate with simple interface and visualisations
  • Versatility of hardware & deployment
  • Fully automated calculations, reporting and alerts
  • Removes the need for manual calculations using probes
  • Compact and portable – utilises lightweight LiDAR technology
  • No targets needed
  • Functional in any environment