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Monitoring Structural Integrity

SITEMONITOR LIVE +BERMS offers an automated solution for the continuous monitoring of the structural integrity and height of these safety critical features, safeguarding the lives of operatives and productivity of operations.

Berms are one of the most critical safety features found on any extractives site. They not only offer increased levels of safety for drivers, but also provide a visual and physical indication for load placement and navigation.

Berms can be eroded and damaged by harsh environmental conditions as well as day to day contact with heavy machinery and trucks. It can be impossible to manually and repeatedly inspect the heights and structure of berms across an entire site as often as is needed.

SITEMONITOR LIVE +BERMS integrates seamlessly with other SITEMONITOR LIVE modules for site wide intelligence. 

scanner 2d

Scanner captures 2D scan lines in a radial pattern.
Data is automatically transferred over WiFi to the office for processing.

2d scan lines

Each complete scan is built from a set of individual 2D scan lines.

scan processing

Each scan line is processed individually to filter obstructions and measure berm height.

cluster of scan lines detected

If a cluster of scan lines is detected that are below the berm height threshold, an alert is issued.

The SITEMONITOR LIVE +BERMS software interface has been designed with the user in mind. Clear colour coding shows the location of compliant and uncompliant berms as well as the berm height.

Multiple scanners can be connected to automatically monitor berms site-wide, removing the need for physical inspections which pose a safety risk. Berms can be assessed as often is required any time of day and automatic calculations, reporting and alerts are generated at the touch of a button.

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  • Fully automated calculations, reporting and alerts
  • 360° potential coverage for haul roads and dump sites
  • Re-deployable and flexible assets for a scalable investment
  • Variable height programming for larger operations and vehicles


  • Monitor structural integrity on a large scale
  • Cost-effective continuous measurements
  • Early warning system for preventative maintenance
  • Replaces time-consuming visual inspections