ROBIN +PANORAMIC add on is designed for extending ROBIN system capabilities especially for road and city survey applications. ROBIN +PANORAMIC add on includes a FLIR Ladybug5 panoramic camera with additional mounting suitable for use with the ROBIN standard car mount. An optional optical odometer can be supplied for more challenging project needs.

Additionally, ROBIN +PANORAMIC add on also comes together with the ROBIN Control Unit (RCU) which includes integrated system power management. The Ladybug5 panoramic camera has six cameras and can capture at a rate of up to 5 frames per second. Each image is accurately time-stamped by the GNSS/INS allowing geo-referenced image production.

The +PANORAMIC upgrade integrates seamlessly with existing ROBIN systems or can be purchased as part of a wider ROBIN package.

The ROBIN +PANORAMIC add-on comprises:

• FLIR Ladybug5 Camera
• Camera Mounting Bracket
• ROBIN Control Unit (RCU)
• Kistler CL350A Optical Odometer (Optional)

Check out the PANORAMIC datasheet for detailed technical specification.