ROBIN +PANORAMIC add on is designed for extending ROBIN system capabilities especially for road and city survey applications. ROBIN +PANORAMIC add on includes a FLIR Ladybug5 panoramic camera with additional mounting suitable for use with the ROBIN standard car mount. An optional optical odometer can be supplied for more challenging project needs.

Additionally, ROBIN +PANORAMIC add on also comes together with the ROBIN Control Unit (RCU) which includes integrated system power management. The Ladybug5 panoramic camera has six cameras and can capture at a rate of up to 5 frames per second. Each image is accurately time-stamped by the GNSS/INS allowing geo-referenced image production.

The +PANORAMIC upgrade integrates seamlessly with existing ROBIN systems or can be purchased as part of a wider ROBIN package.

The ROBIN +PANORAMIC add-on comprises:

• FLIR Ladybug5 Camera
• Camera Mounting Bracket
• ROBIN Control Unit (RCU)
• Kistler CL350A Optical Odometer (Optional)

Check out the PANORAMIC datasheet for detailed technical specification.

ModelVersionMega PixelsImage Sensor
LD5-U3-51S5C-44RRed30 MP (5 MP x 6 sensors)

Sony ICX655 CCD x 6, 2/3″, 3.45 µm

Global shutter

2048 x 2448 at 10 FPS JPEG Compressed

5 FPS Uncompressed

A/D Converter12-bit

0.02 ms to 2 seconds

Gain0 – 18 dB
Gamma0.50 to 4.00
White BalanceManual
Optics6 high quality 4.4mm focal length lenses
Field of View90% of full sphere
Spherical DistanceCalibrated from 2m to infinity
Focus Distance~200cm. Objects have an acceptable sharpness from ~60cm to infinity. 
The pointcloud below shows an airport runway where the concrete has become cracked and damaged. The colourisation of this pointcloud helped the user identify and monitor the cracks for safety purposes.

Colouring a pointcloud with the aid of a panoramic camera captures the whole 360° field of view providing continuous colour throughout the capture with no gaps.