Survey Grade LiDAR

The ROBIN PRECISION features a fibre optic IMU making it more suitable for detailed topographic surveys, city modelling and construction or mining environments where GNSS conditions are challenging.

ROBIN PRECISION can be used in WALK, DRIVE and FLY set-ups combined with +PANORAMIC and +WINGS extensions for projects requiring greater accuracy.

In this video ROBIN PRECISION was used in drive mode capturing data with 7mm relative accuracy.


What applications would ROBIN PRECISION be most suitable for?

Survey grade LiDAR is suitable for any application where absolute accuracy is important or applications where GNSS is limited. So for example, high accuracy applications include highway surveying and monitoring. Applications with poor GNSS include urban mapping, tunnel surveying, forest mapping.


What are the technical benefits of the FOG IMU over the MEMS?

Generally speaking, fibre optic gyro (FOG) IMUs have better accuracy than MEMs, in particular attitude accuracy is higher and gyro random walk (gyro-rw) is less which leads to reduced drift when there is no GNSS (i.e. absolute accuracy of a FOG IMU will be better than a MEMS IMU when there is little or no GNSS).

Technical Benefits

What are the other benefits of ROBIN PRECISION?

Better accuracy when there is little or no GNSS. Better heading, roll and pitch (attitude), which is important for long range applications.

ROBIN +PRECISION can also be used in conjunction with +PANORAMIC.