Meet ROBIN, the world’s most flexible mobile mapping system. With several mounting options, ROBIN can be used across multiple platforms, providing the ability to map areas via


Lightweight and portable, ROBIN is designed to be operated by one person, enabling fast deployment to site even in remote and difficult to access locations, making it suitable for a range of applications and environment

  • WALK

    Weighing under 10kg the ROBIN backpack makes it easy to scan remote locations even by bicycle. WALK mode can be easily used by a single operative, making mobile surveying safe, fast and cost effective.


    ROBIN’s DRIVE function allows for mounting to any vehicle – car, truck, train or boat, giving the ability to collect data faster with minimal disruption to services.

  • FLY

    ROBIN can also be mounted onto a heavy lift UAV or helicopter allowing for rapid surveys over large areas.



FOG based navigation system

  • Suitable for urban applications and challenging GNSS
  • Improved absolute accuracy and faster initialisation
  • Survey grade
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30MP 360° Sperical Imaging

  • Ladybug5 panoramic camera
  • Integrated camera mount and cabling
  • Control unit with 1 TB of storage (4.5 capture hours)
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lightweight pod for aircraft

  • Support for up to 3 PhaseOne cameras
  • Suitable for single pole and nose mounts
  • SCT certification
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Download the Download PDF brochure and datasheet here!

We suggest ROBIN be used in conjunction with specialist mobile mapping software packages Orbit and Terrasolid.