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Lightweight UAV LiDAR System

The ROBIN MINI UAV LiDAR system has been designed to meet the needs of operators looking to utilise drones for high accuracy surveying applications. UAV laser scanning has previously required the use of a heavy-lift UAV or RPAS system. Weighing under 4KG, the ROBIN UAV LiDAR system can be mounted on to a standard commercial drone with a limited payload capacity, without compromising on accuracy or field of view. ROBIN MINI is ideal for applications where speed and accuracy are needed.

walk - drive - fly - Robin UAV LiDAR scanner

ROBIN MINI | System Characteristics

We specialise in integrating world leading geospatial technology with innovative and sophisticated workflows to provide enhanced results in any environment. The ROBIN MINI LiDAR system combines progressive waveform-LiDAR technology with an accurate, yet lightweight INS (Inertial Navigation System) and dynamic processing software to deliver precise results with minimum effort.

The ROBIN MINI laser scanning system has been designed with ease of use in mind. The simple interface allows each sensor to be configured, operated and monitored with data from both the scanner and navigation system stored on-board to be downloaded at the end of the survey.

• Lightweight laser scanner
• 2 x lightweight GNSS antennas
• Inertial measurement system (IMU)
• Set of associated cables
• Configuration software
• Post-Processing software package
• Data capture and calibration training
• Full processing workflow training
• 1 year software maintenance and support
• 1 year hardware warranty and support
• Optional installation support and guidance
Scanner, IMU & x2 GNSS Antennas 3.1kg
Optional Fit Anti-Vibration Mount 0.5kg
Optional Fit 90 Wh Li-ion Battery 0.7kg
Optional Fit GNSS Antenna Mounting Boom 0.5kg
Total Weight (All Options) 4.8kg

Power consumption :
Scanner: 16W | IMU: 6W Total: 22W

Ingress Protection:

Operating Temperature:
-40°C to +40°C



measurements per sec


UAV 3d scan

UAV 3d scan 2

uAV liDAR scan image

Applications for UAV LiDAR


Infrastructure Surveys

ROBIN MINI UAV LiDAR system helps to make infrastructure surveys more manageble, capturing accurate data without any disruption to services.


Agriculture & Forestry

UAV laser scanning can be used to regularly monitor crop health, take biomass meaurements and even help with irrigation and harvest planning.

civil engineering

Civil Engineering & Surveying

Accurate measurements and an aerial perspective enhance any civil engineering or surveying project. UAV LiDAR can make surveys faster & easier


Mining & Natural Resources

ROBIN MINI makes mine and quarry mapping simple, safe and easy to repeat. UAV LiDAR can also help keep operatives away from hazardous areas.