Simple, Streamlined, Automated


PROCESSMONITOR LIVE makes light work of structural monitoring tasks in the harshest of industrial environments. From tunnel construction to shotcrete application, this unique laser scanner and modular software package has been designed to provide real-time visual intelligence to site operatives and management teams.

The ability to observe structural degradation and construction progress in real time helps to improve operational efficiency whilst also increasing safety for workers. Through a simple user- friendly interface, PROCESSMONITOR LIVE accurately measures and monitors change at the touch of a button.

Automatic change-detection can make the difference when planning and executing an operation-wide smart strategy. Our intelligent, sensor driven systems provide data on demand, with real-time results and automated reports which are easily accessible, allowing time critical decisions to be made on the spot.

• Rock Fall Assessments
• Tunnel Lining Maintenance
• Bridge and structural repairs
• Slope stabilisation
• Underground Construction
• Structural Feature Identification
• Easy to operate with simple interface and visualisations
• Versatility of hardware & deployment
• Fully automated calculations, reporting and alerts
• Removes the need for manual calculations using probes
• Compact and portable – utilises lightweight LiDAR technology
• No targets needed
• Functional in any environment
• Streamlined custom workflows for bespoke projects
• Fast data capture for real-time decision making
• Fast deployment, scan time and reporting limits operational downtime
• Automatic, time-series reports for enhanced and consistent intelligence
• Volumetric calculations for more efficient inventory management
• Remote data capture for improved onsite safety