Each 3D Laser Mapping system sold is provided with the best point cloud software to suit our customers’ needs. Software packages can be provided as part of a system or sold individually for use with customers’ existing hardware. We offer bespoke software training and support packages and our team of experts will be more than happy to advise on any technical questions prior to purchase. SiteMonitor is 3D Laser Mapping’s bespoke monitoring software suite, comprised of SLOPES and LIVE (volumes) monitoring solutions. Sold as part of a wider SiteMonitor system solution. 3D Laser Mapping are re-sellers of Orbit,  Pointerra and Terrasolid software.

Point Cloud Software FAQ

Raw point cloud data generally needs some amount of cleaning (noise, reflections, moving objects) and some amount of correction (GNSS error, calibration error). Post-processing software is also necessary for creating deliverables such as 3D models, DTM/DEMs, change detection and volume calculations for example..
Yes, 3D Laser Mapping can provide specialist training for up to 4 trainees at a time, either on site or at our offices. Please contact us for further information and pricing..
TerraSolid software is aimed mainly at post-processing (cleaning, correcting, calibrating, colouring) and for applications such as DTM/DEMs, powerline and railway processing, and road bed analysis. Orbit software works best on pointcloud data that has already been post-processed, and is generally used for asset mapping for GIS applications..
TerraSolid’s TerraScan and TerraMatch are the perfect tools for scanner-IMU calibration, and TerraScan and TerraPhoto can be used for camera-IMU calibration..
Any modern Windows based computer can be used, but it is recommended to have at least 32GB of RAM, a large SSD, and a multi-core CPU..