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Industrial Aerial Cameras

Phase One are the market leader in integrated medium format camera systems, designed exclusively for aerial photography. Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, Phase One cameras are built to meet the exacting needs of aerial photography and streamline the entire capture and processing workflow. With a production line of 15 cameras, 9 lenses, a controller system and a drone solution, Phase One aerial cameras are suited to everything from small UAVs to large manned aircraft

Why Phase One?

Easily integrated into existing systems, Phase One cameras combine flexibility and exceptional image quality to create a customisable solution suited to your needs. At a fraction of the price of rival large-format cameras, the quality and functionality of the Phase One cameras can’t be bettered.

  • Proven accuracy
  • Choice of lenses
  • UAV Ready
  • Rugged and built to last
  • Mirror free system
  • Near Infared Applications

Aerial Camera


  • Mapping
  • Oil and gas pipeline monitoring
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Power line monitoring
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Wind turbine blade inspection
  • Disaster site monitoring and mapping
  • Entertainment and game market
  • Iceberg monitoring
  • Forestry and vegetation identification
  • Agriculture and crop monitoring
  • Asset management
  • 3D modelling
  • Crowd monitoring

iXU 100 Mega Pixel Camera

Flying Time


CMOS technology achieves an ISO of up to 6400 with quality images across the ISO range. Thus high sensitivity can be maintained during challenging weather conditions, extending operational hours


More Coverage


At 100 megapixels the iXU aerial camera offers 11,608 pixels of cross-track coverage, 12 percentage more than regular medium format cameras. This allows greater coverage at equal flying height and ground sample distance (GSD).


Detailed Images


84 dB of dynamic range and up to 0.85 second capture rate. Cameras undergo rigorous testing during production to ensure accuracy through vibrations and temperature ranges.


Near Infared


Phase One aerial cameras are available with an optical glass for near infrared applications. This capability is vital for forestry and agricultural applications such as analysing crop damage and determining harvest periods.


UAV ready


Lightweight, compact and perfectly suited for UAV integration. Phase One drone solutions offer access to challenging areas with a cost effective and efficient tool. The iXU 1000, equipped with full HDMI output can be guided to photograph specific objects seen by the operator on the ground. Using iX Link’s RS-232 connectivity and optional internal CF storage thousands of images can be captured per fight.


Choice of lenses


iXU cameras use removable Schneider-Kreuznach fast sync lenses, which are available in focal lengths from 55 mm to 240 mm.
The lenses are individually inspected and factory calibrated for infinity focus.


Increase profitability through the ability to fly more days under less optimal light conditions, correcting issues with blurring and smearing. FMC employs Time Delayed Integration (TDI) to compensate for image blurring occurring as a result of slower shutter speeds, faster flight speeds or higher GSDs. More flexibility when determining flight schedules and enhanced image quality under low light. The Phase One FMC feature is sold either as an option on a new system or as an upgrade to an existing camera. Available on 80MP and 60MP iXA and iXU cameras.

Industrial Cameras

Achromatic Cameras

To complement the RGB cameras, Phase One offers achromatic versions of the iXA-R, iXA and iXU aerial cameras. The 60 MP sensor is optimized for aerial photogrammetric applications and offers high sensitivity to visible light, including UV and IR ranges. Achromatic cameras can be used in single camera configurations or in dual-camera configurations in conjunction with an RGB camera. The achromatic camera captures NIR images which can be combined with RGB images to create ce-registered four-band (RGBN) imagery.

Aerial Camera

iX Controller

Ultimate speed and control:  The iX Controller is a rugged, fanless PC, based on the 4th Generation IntelⓇCore™i7 Processor, able to precisely control multiple Phase One aerial cameras. With a small footprint and easily integrated into any aircraft, the Phase One iX Controller acts as a central hub of your aerial camera system. The perfect companion for the iX capture application or SDK-based application.

Multiple display configuration: The iX Controller can be configured to connect to a display via wireless, network or HDMI cable. Use a touch display to control the cameras with a touch of a button.

Solid state drives: The iX Controller employs two removable SSD drives, which have especially high write speeds to ensure you capture and record every image quickly and reliably. When the mission is over, the compact and light SSD drives are easily removed from the iX Controller and sent for processing.

Aerial Camera

Fully Integrated Drones Solution
DJI M600 / M600 PRO

Aerial photography has been transformed by the introduction of UAV and drone platforms. As remote sensing becomes the preferred method for acquiring qualitative aerial data Phase One has designed a fully integrated and powerful drone solution that expands the operational capabilities of our customers. The DJI M600 and M600 PRO aerial platforms easily integrate with Phase One’s medium format camera kit, bringing the advantages of exceptional image quality to a UAV platform. Phase One’s iX Capture Mobile application for iOS enables intuitive remote management with both auto or manual capture capability, maximising the system’s performance.

Aerial Camera

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