Monitoring Underground & Open Pit Mines

Any task which poses a risk to workers should be automated wherever possible and in extractives environments these tasks are numerous. Remote monitoring systems stand to revolutionise the way open pit mines and quarries run by using sensors to collect data automatically.

With over two decades experience, we develop unique mining and quarrying software and scanner solutions to help improve the safety and efficiency of extractives operations.SITEMONITOR LIVE provides advanced analysis of geological features via repeat, time-series LiDAR measurements. With three separate modules combined into a single interface, SITEMONITOR LIVE has been designed to automate onsite surveys. +BERMS, +VOLUMES and +SLOPES can be used independently or combined into a powerful single interface.

Automated Stockpile Measurements

Real-time 3D Monitoring

SITEMONITOR LIVE + VOLUMES is an automated system for measuring stockpile volumes. This unique scanner and software package can be used alongside existing mine or quarry management software to help streamline inventory management & logistics.

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Intelligent Safety System

Real-time 3D Monitoring

SITEMONITOR LIVE +BERMS is an automated scanner and software package that monitors the structural integrity of onsite berms and other critical safety features

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Strategically placed LiDAR sensors can be set up in hazardous areas to remotely monitor slopes, calculate stockpile volumes and critical safety infrastructure. Monitoring rockfall events, extraction levels and displacement remotely can help underground open pit mining and quarry operations to get closer to zero-harm targets whilst improving operational efficiency.

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