SITEMONITOR LIVE represents a step-change in the approach to three-dimensional monitoring. Designed to work in harsh industrial environments, our latest LiDAR-based solution provides enhanced operational and environmental intelligence in a modular package.


Construction Technology – Process Monitoring

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE has a repeatability of +/- 5mm even in difficult atmospheric conditions, such as tunnels, underground mines and construction sites. The robust IP 65 rated scanner can be attached to a vehicle or mounted to a set position onsite without compromising
on accuracy or pointcloud density.

Our intelligent, sensor driven systems provide live data and automated reports which are easily accessible, allowing time critical decisions to be made instantly. The reporting criteria are user-definable and include easy to understand visualisations, error reports and diagnostic logs for future analysis or administrative use.

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE makes light work of process monitoring tasks in the harshest of industrial environments. From tunnel construction to shotcrete application, this unique laser scanner and modular software package has been designed to provide real-time visual intelligence to local operators and management teams. Through a simple user-friendly interface, PROCESSMONITOR LIVE accurately measures and monitors change at the touch of a button.

Applications for Monitoring

Mining & Natural Resources

For a safety critical mine site, monitoring solutions are essential. Predict potential safety issues in real time.

Stockpile Management

Fully automated inventory management is possible with a monitoring solution gathering volume and tonnage data.


Monitoring can identify and help prevent natural disasters such as landslides and coastal failure by detecting ground movement.


The road and rail industry can benefit from monitoring bridges, tunnels and cuttings to ensure passenger and asset safety.