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RailMapper – High Precision Laser Scanning for Railways

RailMapper is a compact, field-proven laser scanning system that has been utilized on a growing number of rail projects worldwide for both train and tram applications. The system is similar to our popular StreetMapperIV which is then mounted onto either a hyrail vehicle, train or tram which minimizes the survey effort to capture the required data along existing railways. This approach reduces both costs and safety risks.

Rail construction tasks require reliable survey data. Due to highly increasing traffic load and maintenance of the rail network, the responsible administrations put their main emphasis of maintenance activities into projects to ensure quality, safety and sufficient traffic capacity. The negative influences of maintenance tasks has to be kept as short as possible. This is even more important for the necessary substantial engineering survey work, that is needed in advance to capture basic data for construction planning and preparation.

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RailMapper Features & Uses

Track Alignment
Top of Rail Profile
Features / Asset Inventory
Bridges – structural profile
Tunnels – degradation & deformation of linings
Terrain – slope stability & DTMs

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