3D Technology for Mining and Quarrying

As the extractives industry experiences a tentative recovery, it is critical that operators embrace the latest technologies to help drive productivity and profitability. The importance of speed, accuracy and usability are vital in the mining sector, which is why our mining technologists strive to create innovations which will help mine sites to improve safety and working practices.

Traditionally, mine operators have used LiDAR to assist with mine planning and slope stability assessment, however, with the advancements in both remote sensing technology and analytical software, the ability to use big data for comparative analysis within the mining industry is now a reality.

Solutions such as SiteMonitor allow for the advanced analysis of geological features via repeated, time-series LiDAR measurements. Assets can be mapped remotely and regularly, comparing the resulting data with previous scans to monitor any 3D changes over time, giving an early warning of slope instability and potential failures. This allows for precautionary measures to be taken without having any impact on day-to-day operations. Inaccessible or hazardous areas can be safely and continuously monitored,

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SITEMONITOR LIVE: Real-time 3D Monitoring

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Monitoring can now be easily carried out using LiDAR technology. Slopes, tunnels and stockpiles can be continually monitored remotely with our SITEMONITOR LIVE platform which gathers time-series measurements that can be analysed to track displacement over time and also provide alerts giving early warnings of potential failure.

The SITEMONITOR LIVE platform is comprised of different modules suitable for the varying needs of mine sites and other heavy industries.

SITEMONITOR LIVE: BERMS offers an automated solution for the continuous monitoring of the structural integrity and height of these safety critical features.

SITEMONITOR LIVE: SLOPES has been designed to monitor slopes in both industrial and environmental settings.

SITEMONITOR LIVE: VOLUMES is a fully automated inventory management system.

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Mobile Mapping Mining Technology

Our mining technology has been designed to collect accurate data in the fastest possible way. ROBIN, allows for rapid data capture where results are needed within critical timeframes. ROBIN can also be mounted to a vehicle, helicopter or UAV, minimising the safety risks for personnel further by capturing accurate data remotely, even in the most extreme mine surveying conditions. For open cast operations and quarries, ROBIN +WINGS can be used to map and monitor an entire site in minutes, allowing for retrospective analysis and mine wide measurements to assist with safety and extraction planning.

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