Utility Mapping

The world’s urban population is expected to rise almost 2% each year over the next 5 years and with this will come the need for more robust utilities.
From running water and power to telecoms and the internet, the needs of our growing population and will place pressure on service providers and planning teams to deliver more consistent services with less resources.

Mobile Mapping Systems are ideal for companies looking for a future-proof technology which helps with planning and maintaining the utilities and public services of the future. Mobile mapping is used to create accurate 3D models of existing infrastructure to help surveyors identify maintenance needs without putting operators in harm’s way. Systems such as ROBIN and ROBIN UAV can be mounted to a vehicle or UAV to enable remote utility inspections to be carried out.

3D Laser Mapping have decades of experience designing systems specifically for utility mapping and have worked with ultra-fast broadband providers, energy surveyors and water companies to provide laser scanning systems which help to improve service delivery and the profitability of operations.

Mobile Mapping for Urban Planning

Mobile laser scanning gives surveyors and planners the ability to create an accurate digital elevation models and maps in a matter of hours. The processed data allows for accurate positional data to be accessed to identify manholes and other assets, providing accurate measurements and conditional reports of critical infrastructure.