Forest Mapping

Laser Scanning for Precision Forestry

LiDAR provides the ability to accurately analyse forest dynamics, enabling companies and NGO’s to be able to collect meaningful, scientifically-sound data, which can be compared over time. So, whether you are looking to increase the productivity and efficiency of a commercial forestry operation, or calculate biomass levels for an environmental study – laser scanning can help provide the most accurate data in one of the most complex of environments.

forest mapping
forest mapping
forest mapping
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‘Precision Forestry’ is defined by the use of intelligent, information based forestry systems which use tools and technology to make data-driven decisions based on accurate data collected in a range of ways. These automated technologies measure, process and analyse multi-source data which can then be used for more efficient management of operations including reducing waste and improving profitability.

Mobile LiDAR systems are one of the most advanced tools available for forest mapping, thanks to their ability to collect accurate measurements through dense vegetation. This can provide critical operational intelligence such as forest inventory calculations, diameter at breast height (DBH) figures and even detection of changes in both the canopy and wider physical landscape.

forest mapping

ROBIN is a unique mobile mapping system which has exceptional capabilities for precision forestry applications. The system can be mounted onto a backpack or off-road vehicle to carry out a ground-level scan. The same scanner can then be mounted on to a helicopter (ROBIN +WINGS) fixed wing aircraft or heavy-lift UAV to scan above canopy level. When both scans are merged, a clear 3D render can be made of the entire area, with no missed measurements, to ensure that biomass and other calculations are as precise as possible.

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