Agriculture Technology

Laser Scanning for Precision Agriculture

Laser scanning systems can be used to create digital elevation models which allow for inspection into slopes and landscape positions to identify 3D changes over time. LiDAR applications in Agriculture can assist with mapping water flow and catchments and monitoring erosion and soil loss.

As used within Forestry, 3D vegetation models can also be created to assist with crop planning and assess patterns such as canopy height, even in dense woodland.

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ROBIN is our most flexible mapping system offers multiple methods of data capture – WALK (Backpack) mode for close up scans and difficult to access areas. DRIVE – Attach to almost any vehicle to map large areas quickly and with minimum set up. FLY – Mount on a helicopter or heavy-lift UAV for fast aerial data capture.

ROBIN can be tailored to your specifications for enhanced performance, including +PRECISION for survey grade accuracy, +SLAM for indoors and dense vegetation and +WINGS – for reliable aerial data capture.


Image courtesy of © RIEGL LMS,

Image courtesy of © RIEGL LMS,

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