LiDAR Applications for your Industry

Laser scanning has a wealth of benefits for many sectors and projects. From creating accurate three dimensional models of buildings to mapping and identifying assets on major highways, LiDAR applications are growing in scope and popularity.

3D Laser Mapping are at the leading edge of innovation when it comes to laser scanning systems. We have worked with clients across the world to create systems and software to deliver exceptional results in the field. Our mobile LiDAR systems are created to make data acquisition easy and straightforward for a single operator, meaning that costs are saved on surveying personnel as well as scanning duration.

Mobile mapping systems are revolutionising the way surveys are carried out across construction, infrastructure, utilities and environmental monitoring.

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Agriculture and Precision Forestry

LiDAR applications for Agriculture andForestry

Civil Engineering and Surveying

LiDAR applications for CIvil Engineering and Surveying

Defence and Emergency Services

LiDAR applications for Defence and Emergency Services

Environmental and Coastal Monitoring

LiDAR applications for Environmental and Costal Monitoring

Highways and Road Networks

LiDAR applications for Highways and Road Networks

Mining, Quarries and Aggregates

LiDAR applications for Mining, Quarries and Aggregates

Rail Mapping

LiDAR applications for Rail Mapping


LiDAR applications for Utilities