3D Laser Mapping are specialist integrators of laser scanning technology. All of our products are hand-assembled in the UK and come with industry leading software and support to help you make light work of your surveying challenges. With experts in terrestrial and mobile laser scanners, we incorporate the latest in LiDAR and navigation technology to create the most flexible and effective systems on the market.

From ROBIN, the world’s first universal mobile mapping system, which offers total flexibility through WALK | DRIVE | FLY functionality, to StreetMapperIV – a high-precision laser scanner for survey grade mapping of highways and railways; our mobile mapping systems can provide you with high quality data to help you make advanced business decisions.

SiteMonitor is our dynamic monitoring range which can help with safety critical situational monitoring from coastal erosion to slope stability in open pit mines. The SiteMonitor suite includes solutions for volumes, slopes and underground mining.

We are also a proud re-seller of RIEGL Laser Measurement systems.

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ROBIN Mobile Mapping System
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Meet ROBIN, the world’s most flexible mobile mapping system. With WALK | DRIVE | FLY capabilities and PRECISION level accuracy available, ROBIN allows you to ‘Map Everywhere’.

  • Three Mounts: WALK | DRIVE | FLY
  • Integrated Camera
  • Easy to operate alone


ROBIN PRECISION allows for survey grade accuracy on even the most challenging projects by using a top of the range fibre optic IMU

  • Accurate to <7mm
  • Great in areas with poor GNSS
  • Can be integrated with +WINGS
Melbourne University Cloisters

Airborne LiDAR ROBIN Extension

Visit the +WINGS Page

Panoramic Camera ROBIN Extension

Visit the +PANORAMIC Page

streetmapper IV
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A high accuracy mobile mapping system suitable for mounting on almost any vehicle, the StreetMapperIV is available with single or dual laser scanners.

  • Optional Panoramic Camera
  • Expandable data storage unit
  • MEMS or FOG IMU Compatible

Check out our monitoring solution, SiteMonitor

SITEMONITOR LIVE is a scalable platform for capturing and managing 3D data. Designed to work in harsh industrial environments, our latest LiDAR-based solutions provide enhanced operational and environmental intelligence in a modular package.

Each module has been designed to answer a specific challenge, yet can be combined into the same simple user interface for an easy to manage workflow.

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With 30 years experience in the research, development and production of laser scanners RIEGL delivers proven innovations in 3D. Dedicated to designing, developing, and producing the best possible laser sensors for the desired application in order to perfectly fulfil the given measurement task and therefore fully satisfy the customer’s expectations worldwide. Check out the product range here.