Mobile indoor mapping using world leading 3D Geospatial SLAM technology

GeoSLAM’s revolutionary indoor mapping technology offers a fast, simple and reliable alternative to traditional time consuming methods. Founded in 2012, the company is a joint venture between 3D Laser Mapping and CSIRO, Australia’s National Science Agency. 3D Laser Mapping is the sole distributor of GeoSLAM products in Australia. For applications outside Australia, see GeoSLAM’s website for more information.


What Is SLAM?

Geospatial Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) software enables mobile 3D documentation of indoor or enclosed environments without the need for GPS.


GeoSLAM systems are lightweight, handheld and can capture 43,000 data points per second. Difficult to access environments can be rapidly scanned in minutes and not hours. System operation is intuitive and targeted at a non-specialist, universal audience.



The innovative revolving ZEB-REVO is the latest lightweight laser scanner from GeoSLAM. The system can be handheld, pole-mounted or attached to a mobile platform. There no GPS requirement and operation is intuitive, reducing operational and training costs. Surveys are completed in minutes, while its rugged IP64 rated design allows operation in hazardous and harsh environments.

Indoor Mapping - Revo


The ZEB-CAM is an optional upgrade for standard ZEB-REVO. Simply attached beneath the standard REVO scanner, the ZEB-CAM captures live video footage of the survey environment in order to add contextual video and imagery to aid feature identification. Optical flow technology accurately synchronises the video and scan together in GeoSLAM’s Desktop software.

Indoor Mapping - Cam

How it works


Scanning is made simple with the ZEB-REVO and can be used either by hand or mounted onto your chosen platform. The 100Hz scanner and 360° field of view allows for fast, accurate and high quality data capture, recording more than 40,000 measurement points/second.


Automatic SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping) cloud-to-cloud registration using either GeoSLAM Desktop processing or GeoSLAM Cloud pay-as-you-go processing

Point Cloud

Resulting 3D point cloud is produced in .laz format, as well as trajectory condition files. Extracted .las file is compatible with all major industry standard post processing software.


    The mobile and lightweight ZEB system is well suited for scanning indoor building environments. 3-dimensional loops allows multi-level environments including stairways to be rapidly recorded. Applications include building surveying, heritage mapping, real estate valuations, building footprints and building demolition planning.
    ZEB systems have unique capabilities underground due their freedom from a GPS requirement. Their rugged and lightweight design allows the system to excel in harsh enclosed environments such as mines and caves. ZEB systems have been found to increase survey detail and quality, whilst slashing survey times by a factor of 3.
    Stockpiles can be quickly and accurately surveyed using a handheld ZEB system, enabling efficient management and risk assessment. In addition the ZEB can be pole mounted for greater stockpile coverage, or wall mounted for continuous analysis. Registered ZEB data can be imported into third party software for rapid volume calculations.
    Marine vessels often contain a variety of constricted indoor spaces making them time-consuming and expensive to survey. The ZEB system is ideally placed to overcome such obstacles and has been used to survey heritage ship wrecks, pleasure vessels and submarines.
    The ZEB system’s durable and lightweight design, rated at IP 64 (splash-proof, dust-tight), makes it well suited it to a range of outdoor applications. Described as a ‘game changer for the forestry industry’ applications include forestry resource management, tree counting and mapping, biomass removal monitoring. GeoSLAM Desktop can be used to register out in the field, enabling immediate processing and results.
    ZEB systems rapidly acquire and store data without interference with a target environment. As a result the system has vast potential in security and incident applications. The system can be also used remotely, further expanding capacity in this field. For example the ZEB system can be used in crime scene mapping, accident reconstruction, contingency planning and reconnaissance. Whether a crime scene needs detailed assessment, or a road vehicle incident requires rapid capture, ZEB surveying systems are uniquely placed to do the job.
Indoor Mapping - Indoor Scan
Indoor Mapping - Forestry Mapping
Indoor Mapping - Floorplan Map
Indoor Mapping - Underground
Indoor Mapping - Stockpile
Indoor Mapping - Tunnel Mapping


System Features

Maximum Range 30m*
Data Acquisition Rate 43,200 points/sec
Resolution 0.625° horizontal, 1.8° vertical
Angular FOV 270° x 360°
Supply Voltage 12VDC ± 10%
Supply Current Max 1.5A, normal 1.0A
Power Consumption Less than 20W
Operating Temperature 0° to +50 °C
Operating Humidity <85%


Data Storage Capacity 55GB
Raw data file size 10MB for every 1 min scanning
Processed data file size 8MB for every 1 min scanning
Default output file format .LAZ (compressed .LAS)
Compatibility Unzipped .LAS data compatible with all major CAD software packages


Battery Type Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
Capacity 8Ah +/- 5%
Nominal Voltage 12V
Battery Life 4 hours (continuous use)
Charge Time 8-12 hours
Battery Lifespan 300+ cycles
Chargers Supplied UK, USA, EU & AUS
Weight 600g


Laser Safety Class Class 1 Eye Safe
Laser Wavelength 905nm
Scanner Line Speed 100Hz
Angular FOV 270° x 360°
Scanner Resolution 0.625° Horizontal
Rotation Speed 0.5Hz


IP Rating IP64 (dust-tight, splashproof)
Cable Connectors LEMO multi pin
Weight (scanner) 1.0KG
Weight (total system) 4.1KG
Dimensions (scanner) 86 x 113 x 287mm
Dimensions (backpack) 220 x 180 x 470mm


Relative Accuracy 2-3cm
Absolute Position Accuracy 3 – 30cm (10 mins scanning, 1 loop)


GeoSLAM Destop v3
With just a laptop and a dongle, the ZEB-REVO data can be seamlessly downloaded, processed and viewed within minutes of capture. The latest version of GeoSLAM’s processing engine works in conjunction with ZEB-CAM, allowing contextual visual imagery to be processed alongside 3D point cloud data. This allows the user to view both point cloud and visual data side-by-side, using GeoSLAM Viewer.

For the first time, users can now select data output formats – file format, point decimation, time-stamping – allowing greater integration with Third Party software.Users can also define their own processing parameters – to suit the environment in which the ZEB data was collected.GeoSLAM Desktop V3 uses the same world-class SLAM algorithm as the Cloud, reassuring users that collected scan data is automatically aligned, every time.

Point Cab
Ideal for producing 2D layouts and elevations from 3D point cloud data, PointCab is the perfect companion to ZEB data. Processed and registered ZEB data is rapidly and easily imported into PointCab and displayed as 2-dimensional data in DWG format (allowing seamless integration with AutoDesk applications).From here, it’s a simple case of creating section and plan lines to instantly create plan layouts, sections and elevations, making this the perfect tool for building surveyors.

Features include:
Layout & Section – create distortion-free layouts and sections as orthophotos
Sketch – create measurements of angles, distances and surfaces, dimensioning and annotations
Photo Match – match high resolution images onto sections and layouts
Merger – create scaled images for documents
Panorama – panoramic views from any desired position
WebEXport – create interactive HTML or PDF documents

“We haven’t found any other solution that is as versatile and practical to use for scanning complex indoor scenes with crowded spaces, rooms and stairs.”BIM Strategies
GeoSLAM’s solutions are changing the way we survey buildings. We can now measure building plans 10-times faster than we used to with a total station or traditional survey equipment.Morten Throft, COWI, Denmark