Adopting the latest technologies can help construction companies to better monitor and manage hazardous or complex tasks. Laser scanning solutions represent the most accurate and efficient way of monitoring processes such as tunnel construction, as built surveys and structural safety assessments.

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE has been designed to answer challenges specific to the construction industry, with safety and usability at the forefront of the solution. The integrated laser scanner and software package helps to monitor structural and surface change, even in underground environments. With both long and short-range scanning options, this ground-breaking LiDAR based solution offers instant and accurate 3D visual comparisons to monitor scheduled progress with actual work completed.

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE helps construction companies to increase productivity and improve safety records by capturing real-time data remotely and automatically throughout the construction process – all at the click of a button.


Construction Technology from
3D Laser Mapping


Automatically monitor cross sections and headings at the click of a button for streamlined tunnel profiling

Shotcrete Measurements

Capture 3D data on demand to accurately map and measure surfaces during shotcrete applications


Monitor areas prone to rockfall and slope displacement, with automatic change detection alerts


Fast to deploy, UAV LiDAR can help to make light work of cut and fill measurements, as-built surveys and construction monitoring tasks