What’s New in Terrasolid Point Cloud Software

In by Harriet Brewitt

Find out what’s new in Terrasolid Point Cloud Processing Software

New Features: 64-Bit Terrasolid Applications Feb 2016

  • Single biggest feature and effort
  • All LIDAR related applications released
  • Same license as 32-bit applications
  • Both versions may be used on the same computer
  • New features only in 64-bit versions
  • Not automatically faster, but access to more memory
  • Increased block sizes

New Features in TerraScan Feb 2016

  • Improvements
    • Compute normal vectors
    • Multiple source classes for:
      • Classify Using Brush
      • Measure Density
      • Place Catenary String
    • Group Attribute for user defined point file formats
    • Geographic position support for user defined trajectory output file formats
    • Better color resolution when writing to design file
    • Set accuracy menu command
    • Move sun key-in command
    • Extract echoes in macros
    • Automatic classes
    • MicroStation tentative snaps to laser points
  • Support for GPS Time
  • LAZ Support
  • Convert project storage format
  • Coloring points from multi scanner intensity
  • Find Danger Points improvements
    • Additional automatic views
    • Draw Marker to selected danger point
    • Open block automatically
    • Generate an HTML report using a template document
    • Support for geographic coordinates in output report
  • New Class+Intensity and Color+Intensity display options
  • Cut overlap – By Density
  • Merge small blocks – manual and automatic
  • Edit several blocks
  • Smooth point color
  • Classify by polygons & 3D polygons
  • Export closest hit z
  • LAS v1.4 Support
  • Classify Model Keypoint – Set model keypoint flag
  • Cut Overlap – Set overlap flag

New Features in TerraMatch Feb 2016

  • Improvements
    • Add Known Point
  • Better handling of Big Tie Line sets
  • Display Mode for Tie Lines
  • Tie Line Setting
  • Filter Bad Tie Lines
  • Position -> Thin by Travel Distance
  • Position -> Report Gaps

New Features in TerraPhoto Feb 2016

  • Improvements
  • Google Earth Export support through geotagged TIFF files
  • Raw image viewing and quality assignment
  • Wall textures from mobile images
  • Constant Color Textures
  • Blur Selected Polygons

New Features in TerraModeler Feb 2016

  • Ability to remove temporarily displayed quantity results