Too windy to test your sensors on a UAV? – no problem!

In by Sam Bentley

I’m sure every R&D led company has the same problem – the hardware needed for testing isn’t available when you need it, or the testing conditions are not quite right.  Here in Nottingham today, the wind was our challenge – not ideal conditions for testing a system for a UAV.

The answer – strap it to your back, hop on a bicycle and pedal.

Chris, one of our senior engineers, didn’t want to wait to test the system, so he decided to strap the system to his back and jump on his bike.

It’s not the fist time we have tested a system as a backpack-style system – our new StreetMapper IV mobile mapping system can also be made into a wearable system; a quick change of set up and you have an ideal solution for surveying hard-to-reach areas. (more on this coming soon)

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