StreetMapper takes a more flexible route to 3D laser mapping

In by Sam Bentley

StreetMapper, the world’s most accurate mobile mapping system, is now available with four unique system specifications offering users around the globe a flexible solution for gathering highly accurate 3D laser measurements on the move. Ranging from dedicated survey vehicles to portable systems that can be checked in as standard luggage at the airport StreetMapper systems can be tailored to meet virtually any surveying requirement on or off road.

“StreetMapper is a modular system that has been proven in environments ranging from the Arctic Circle to the Tropics,” commented Dr Graham Hunter Managing Director of StreetMapper’s developer 3D Laser Mapping. “By offering a range of physical configurations we can ensure we deliver systems that are fit for purpose and offer the best performance in even the harshest operating conditions.”

The conventional StreetMapper 360 system includes a dedicated vehicle with a state of the art lifting sensor platform that has significantly improved the protection of both equipment and personnel during installation, use and routine maintenance. The scanners are protected from the elements during operation, can be removed from sight when not in use and there is no requirement for personnel to work at height.

A newly launched StreetMapper Pod offers a more robust solution with improved protection from the elements. A specially designed compact case can accommodate up to two scanners and three cameras and affords improved water resistance (to International Protection Rating or IP65), improved resistance to dust ingress and better heat resistance with an operational range of –10 to +40 degrees Centigrade.

Still utilising StreetMapper 360 technology but at the other end of the physical spectrum StreetMapper Portable combines flexibility and ease of use with proven performance and accuracy. StreetMapper Portable is small enough to check in as standard luggage at the airport and designed to be installed in a matter if minutes on virtually any vehicle making it ideal for rapid deployment to inhospitable or inaccessible environments.

Also new to the market is the StreetMapper Rotating Sensor Mount; a rotating mount that improves the coverage obtained from a single scanner system. Although StreetMapper usually comprises of two, or more scanners, a single scanner system can offer a more cost effective solution in certain project circumstances. By moving the scanner to one of two fixed points on the laser mount StreetMapper Rotating Mount dramatically increases the amount and range of data captured.

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