SiteMonitor new release: Scan-to-Scan testing

In by Nicholas Beaumont

Whilst attending the International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring in Italy last June, I collected some data from the Poggio landslide.

Here are the results of applying a scan-to-scan matching correction to the dataset – a feature soon to be available in the new SiteMonitor.

(Note the red colour was a filter applied to recognise unwanted vegetation)

There were no targets at this site, so we were just relying on the scanner staying very still while we scanned. due to people stomping around the survey pillar we obviously had some movement but the scan to scan shows the ability to correct for this.

Bringing down the outlier 60mm displacement to just over 2.5mm, I am very happy with the results of scan-to-scan matching so far.

Scan to Scan Poggio Baldi Landslide

Orginal Author – Sarah Owen