gigaclear case study

ROBIN helps map opportunity in rural Britain for high speed internet

In by Harriet Brewitt

Ultrafast Fibre Broadband provider Gigaclear have invested in a mobile mapping system provided by 3D Laser Mapping to help them offer fast and reliable network connections to Britain’s most remote areas.

Many areas in rural Britian suffer from a lack of high-speed connectivity and investment in broadband infrastructure by other network operators, who often focus on urban areas where more customers are located. Gigaclear was founded in 2010 to help bridge this gap and deliver fibre technology to people and companies located away from towns and city centres.

Part of the initial planning process involved with laying fibre optic cabling requires detecting the difference between hard and soft ground to plan the most effective trench route for the network. As Gigaclear’s projects grew in size and volume, it was no longer feasible to do this manually so it was decided that a mobile mapping solution was required.

Following a few trial projects ROBIN + PANORAMIC was chosen for its ability to collect highly accurate 3D data. The 360° camera would colour the pointcloud which Gigaclear would use to lay over a base map to detect the differences in terrain. ROBIN can also help calculate precisely how much cabling is required for each individual project.

“The use of our new LiDAR with ROBIN + PANORAMIC technology will allow us to take the quality of our designs to the next level. It enables better decision making from behind the desktop ensuring that proposed plan is deliverable and cost efficient. We plan to extend the use of the technology as far as we can to help get fibre connections to more rural communities, more quickly”Ben Taylor, Head of Design at Gigaclear

For information about Gigaclear and their award winning work, visit their website.

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