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Mobile Laser Scanner Case Study: Road Surveys with AAM India & StreetMapper IV

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AAM Group is a global geospatial service provider, operating across Africa and Asia with offices in India, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa and Singapore.

The company specialises in the collection, analysis and delivery of geospatial information across a variety of sectors and applications, including road surveys, mining, infrastructure and utilities, construction, coastal, government and forestry.

With a team of consultants committed to developing innovative solutions to solve business challenges and add value to customers, AAM Group purchased the StreetMapper system for its South African office in 2011. After receiving exceptional feedback, AAM’s operation in India also adopted the solution in 2015.

Stand out from the crowd.  AAM Group wanted to achieve a standout reputation amongst an emerging, competitive and crowded field surveying market in India. The company was particularly keen to take ownership of the growing road-surveying sector.

Whilst many competitors were relying on traditional field survey methods, AAM Group knew that investing in new technology could be the point of difference they needed, especially given the often-challenging landscape in the country.

More traditional survey methods were taking far too long for the rapidly moving roads sector, and did not provide the level of thoroughness required for detailed and optimal project design.


Having already heard about the benefits and results achieved by 3D Laser Mapping’s StreetMapper from their colleagues in South Africa, the team at AAM Group in India were confident it was the solution they were looking for.

From AAM Group’s perspective, the company was in a unique situation to introduce a survey grade Mobile Laser Scanner (MLS) unit, with the in-house skills and experience to immediately utilise it to its maximum potential.

It soon became clear that AAM Group had the ability to offer the Indian market a winning combination with their head of technical solutions saying –

“Our StreetMapper has significantly increased the accuracy expected by the industry from MLS. Before StreetMapper arrived, the majority of the Indian market only had inexperienced users and non-survey grade MLS units. It has allowed us to contribute towards setting a new standard.”

“Our customers love the fact that StreetMapper can capture data efficiently and accurately. We have found it to be 75 per cent faster in terms of capturing and processing when compared to traditional survey techniques. Customers also like having access to 3D pointclouds for easy reference at any time, alongside geo-referenced panorama imagery.”


To maximise the benefits for the company, AAM Group integrated StreetMapper with other bespoke software.

Along with TopoDOT(certainity3d) and Terrasolid modules, the company also uses its own, internally developed, software called eLAStic. This was developed from AAM’s 18 year association with LiDAR; it provides additional flexibility and efficiencies when it comes to the processing of pointclouds.

Having the ability to integrate in-house software offers a low cost option for increased, high-level functionality.


As the team at AAM India predicted, StreetMapper delivered the results they were looking for. However, it surpassed their initial expectations, turning the division into an industry leader in India and helping to create both increased profit and capacity.

Results included:

  • StreetMapper positioned AAM India as one of the leading players in the market. This resulted in several new government and private road contracts being won.
  • A 75 per cent reduction in data acquisition and processing time.
  • In road projects, AAM Group now delivers millions of survey points to 5-10cm accuracy, instead of the few points laboriously gathered by closed traverses.
  • Disruption to traffic flow and pedestrians was reduced to zero.
  • Compared to conventional surveying methods, StreetMapper has allowed the team to fully complete comparable road survey projects 70 per cent faster.
  • Safety for surveyors, designers and motorists was dramatically increased, especially given the reduced need for repeat site visits and design field checks.
  • Staffing costs were reduced as StreetMapper’s complete capture of the road corridor negated the need to redeploy surveyors for specification and priority changes.
  • Previous surveying methods resulted in high staff numbers and low equipment cost. StreetMapper requires less staff time and the cost has been offset by the subsequent increase of both revenue and team capacity.


“With the advantage of having StreetMapper and a good MLS team, AAM India has won many road project contracts in India, both from government agencies and private companies. The StreetMapper has positioned us as the provider of first-class equipment, with the skills and experience to successfully deploy it and execute challenging projects.”

With thanks to Satish Kumar, technical head of solutions at AAM Group, for his time, input and photos.

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