Laser Scanning Jargon – What does it all mean?

In by Nicholas Beaumont

When considering the purchase of any high value product or service, you want to understand how it works and what you are getting, before going ahead with such a large investment. Unfortunately, technical terms or ‘Jargon’ often confuse what could be otherwise a simple explanation, throwing confusing curveballs in your journey to understanding something new.

Any expert from any industry will hold a wide vocabulary of terms in their head, developed over time between those in the know to appreciate and quicken communication of tricky subjects. The world of laser scanning is no different, and in my role as Technical Support Assistant for 3D Laser Mapping I often get asked what these mean.

To help others understand the terms used in this industry, I have collected a glossary of commonly used words or phrases which can be seen on the 3D Laser Mapping website, under the ‘Support’ tab.

If there are any further things you would like us to explain, please get in touch and we will be happy to reply to you directly, and add it to the list to help others in future.

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