Improve Mine Planning with Re-engineered Mobile Technology

In by Nicholas Beaumont

‘Intrinsically Safe’ certified ZEB1 allows the mobile hand-held laser scanner to be used in underground mining.

Underground mining companies can now benefit from the precision laser data collectedby ZEB1, as developments to the system have been made to certify the technology as Intrinsically Safe.

The Intrinsically Safe ZEB1 scanner (now dubbed the ZEB1-IS) can save time and costs for underground mining operations, providing accurate 3D point clouds without complex set ups, lengthy data processing requirements, or even the need for GPS visibility.

Scan at walking speed with a battery that lasts all day long for rapid underground surveying. Once done, all the data processing is automatic, leaving you with more time to analyse the results with the final 3D point cloud given.

Cut staffing costs with practical, quick and safe underground surveys. From the data gathered you can compare proposed mine plans with actual scan data to accurately understand the progress of your project. Tools for clash detection also allow for effective and safe planning, and roof support bolts
positioning can be inspected with ease. Precise off-setting and direction of mining can be analysed risk free, with the use of the ZEB1.

Simple to use, the ZEB1-IS can be operated by those new to surveying, with training and support provided by the team at 3D Laser Mapping. ‘The decision to make ZEB1 hand-held scanner Intrinsically Safe will greatly benefit the underground mining industry’ commented Henno Morkel, ZEB1 product specialist for 3D Laser Mapping ‘it is easy to see how it can be used to increase productivity whilst reducing cost, with greatly improved safety.’

Plan your mine in a faster, more accurate, and safer method with the ZEB1-IS.

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