How to Choose the Right Mobile Mapping System for you

In by Nicholas Beaumont

At the Capturing Reality Conference this November, 3D Laser Mapping are asking questions and providing insight to help you choose the right mobile mapping system for your needs.

Dr Neil Slatcher, Research and Development Manager for 3D Laser Mapping will be with IGI mbH on stand #68 at Capturing Reality(Link removed) next week, showcasing StreetMapper IV. He will also be presenting ‘Mobile LiDAR: A Buyers Guide’ on Wednesday 25th November at 3pm.

With numerous mobile mapping systems (MMS) available, Neil will de-mystify this technology. With a variety of applications covered by MMS, some sensors are more suited to some applications than others.He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of mobile mapping and share tips on how to get the system that meets your requirements.

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3D Laser Mapping is no stranger to mobile mapping and entered the market in 2004 with the first system of its kind. Since then, StreetMapper has evolved and has moved with the times to remain the market leading solution and to keep up with client demands.

Housed in a protective enclosure, otherwise known as the POD, the StreetMapper IV is made up of a high-accuracy RIEGL laser scanner with market leading IMU from IGI mbH. The speedy system makes capturing highly detailed data easy with only one cable connection from the POD to the control panel.

Weighing in at around 13kg, it’s even as light as one of the mobile backpack scanning solutions available today. Designed for ultimate portability, the system can be mounted easily and transported anywhere in only two pelicases.

Boasting survey grade accuracy, this highly compact and portable system, StreetMapper IV has to be seen to be believed.

If you’re unable to attend Capturing Reality or would just like a demo of the system – please get in touch and email us at