GEO Business 2016 Round-up

In by Harriet Brewitt

Do your feet hurt as much as ours do? Definitely the sign of a busy show in the expo world. GeoBusiness 2016 was certainly an eventful one for us! Why? We chose this event to launch our new mobile mapping system, ROBIN – a flexible, multi-platform system that opens up lots of new opportunities to those wanting to increase the speed in which they measure.

The GeoBusiness Show is held at the Business Design Centre in London and we have exhibited there since it first started, just over 3 years ago. As partner and distributor of RIEGL laser scanners in the UK we joined forces again and scaled up the size of our booth – definitely a good decision as we had so many people visit our stand to see what all the fuss was about! The show was also an important one for RIEGL as they were able to show off their new Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) – the VZ-400i.

It was great to talk to so many people interested in mobile mapping. When we first started developing this technology back in 2004, it was tricky to find lots of people who knew why we were so excited. It is great that we can now share this excitement on a larger scale! The technology has come a long way in the last 12 years – it’s a lot cheaper for one, as well as being much smaller and faster.

We hosted two workshops – the first on Tuesday, presented by Dr Neil Slatcher – “Things are always moving so it’s important to know how much” commented Neil. He presented the various tools in our monitoring software package – SiteMonitor – that helps users improve understanding of what is going on and also how mobile mapping technology can now be used for larger scale monitoring projects – both from the air and from the ground. “Mobile Monitoring is the future of monitoring” continued Neil.

The second workshop was a last minute opportunity on Wednesday for us to formally introduce ROBIN. We took attendees through some sample project data to demonstrate the quality of data that can be captured with the system, and to discuss previous challenges that can now be overcome when using ROBIN. We received some great feedback about how this system can quickly start generating a good return on investment – there are lots of systems on the market that can do great things but nothing that can do so many things in one! This workshop was a great opportunity for us to listen to customers needs and questions. It can be difficult sometimes to do this on the exhibition stand so we thank Caroline at GeoBusiness for this opportunity.

We were lucky that one of our software partners, (OrbitGT) were exhibiting close by. Those interested in seeing ROBIN datasets were guided across the hall to talk to Lomme and Jeroen, who demonstrated the capabilities of Orbit Mobile Mapping software using ROBIN data. A short animation of the data can be seen here 

On the other side of the show, our joint-venture company, GeoSLAM ( was showing off their new ZEB-REVO hand-held laser scanner and real-time SLAM registration software, GeoSLAM RealTime. There have been lots of exciting developments at GeoSLAM in the last few months and it was great to see all of their EMEA distributors at the show. Be sure to keep an eye on GeoSLAM after the show!

Although PhaseONE didn’t have their own booth – Benny Buchtrup of PhaseONE Industrial joined us to help us field enquiries about the incredible new 100 Mega Pixel aerial camera that was launched in January. We had one of the new iXU cameras on our booth and could demonstrate just how small, light and robust this new range of medium format cameras are. If you’re interested in high definition aerial photography then be sure to have a look at PhaseONE Industrial!

In summary, we are really thrilled that ROBIN was so well received during its first introduction to the market. The Viscount biscuits disappeared in record timing (we must remember to bring more next year) and we came away with a long list of demonstrations to schedule and some interesting monitoring challenges we hope to help customers overcome.

If you weren’t able to make it to London for GeoBusiness, fear not. Either give us a call on one of the numbers below or email us at A member of the team will be more than happy to talk to you.

UK: +44 1949 838 004 | Africa: +27 12 683 8700| Asia Pacific: +61 8 9261 7703 | North America: +1 720 214 3554

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