‘Digital Information in 3D’ Technology Highlight – StreetMapperIV

In by Nicholas Beaumont

In the run up to our event, we take a detailed look at some of the technology that will be discussed and on show during ‘Digital Information in 3D’. Here we focus on our latest mobile mapping system, StreetMapperIV.

3D Laser Mapping first developed the StreetMapper system in 2004, producing the first commercially available Mobile Laser Scanning System (MLS). By teaming up with IGI GmbH a solution was created that could survey roads and structures above the road with unparalleled safety, speed and accuracy, without the need to remain stationary whilst measuring and mapping points. This revolutionised the industry and eleven years later StreetMapper still remains one of the most accurate systems on the market.

StreetMapper 4 scanners 03

The original StreetMapper system used four RIEGL laser scanners all pointing in different directions to capture the widest environment possible. With four high-grade scanners and the best commercially-available IMU at that time the system was neither cheap nor compact. Nevertheless, StreetMapper customers were inundated with survey work as they easily outperformed their competition.

POD See-Through white background

Two further developments followed in 2010 and 2012; StreetMapper POD, and StreetMapper PORTABLE. These more compact, highly-accurate, more portable solutions moved the mobile mapping goal posts further from their now-growing competition to maintain StreetMapper’s market-leading position as the most reliable, field-proven, flexible, and robust MLS system on the market; consistently delivering the highest accuracy results in the Survey Grade mapping sector.

2015 saw this system simplified further, to a point where a single person could transport, install, and operate one without help.

“2015 is a big year for the StreetMapper brand as we prepare to launch an all-new version of our market-leading solution at Intergeo in Stuttgart. Our customers have spoken; they want a new system that is more compact, more versatile, and easier to use while still delivering the same high-levels of survey grade accuracy. And that’s precisely what we have produced” Dr. Chris Cox, Senior Engineer for mobile Mapping Systems at 3DLM


StreetMapper IV is a compact and lightweight device that can be transported by air as luggage; operated by a single person, and mounted on any vehicle– regardless of size or load carrying capacity. Better still, accuracy has been measurably improved and the cost price has been halved since the first StreetMapper was launched.


A full system compromises of a laser scanner, MEMS IMU (Navigation system), and GNSS Antenna. There are optional upgrades of panoramic cameras, additional scanners and a FOG IMU is also available. All this is connected to a control unit with a single cable, placed within the vehicle.
Pod on Roof-faded


City Modelling, Asset Mapping, Highway Maintenance, Flood Modelling, Change Detection, Landslide Monitoring, Powerline Surveying, Clearance Mapping.


See the product brochure and datasheet for more details on the new StreetMapperIV

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