‘Digital Information in 3D’ Technology Highlight – Phase One Industrial

In by Nicholas Beaumont

In the run up to our event, we take a detailed look at some of the technology that will be discussed and on show during ‘Digital Information in 3D’.

Here we focus on leading manufacturer of medium format aerial photography equipment and software solutions, Phase One Industrial.

Group shot of cameras

Phase One Industrial cameras are built from the ground up, specifically for industrial applications such as aerial photography. Developed by leading experts and engineers in the field, the resulting product is advanced hardware and imaging software that rival others on the market.

With a varied product line of cameras, lenses, controllers with software and compatibility with leading flight management systems, Phase One has a solution for everything from mini UAV’s to large manned aircraft.

3D Laser Mapping were proud to sign a dealership with Phase One Industrial earlier this year, selling and supporting Phase One in the UK. We look forward to showing the extraordinary capabilities of these uniquely high resolution, aerial cameras to our customers.

Phase One Industrial cameras can be easily integrated into existing systems, combining flexibility and exceptional image quality and features to create a customisable solution suited to your needs.

Applications of Phase One Industrial Cameras include:
Mapping, Oil and gas pipelines monitoring, Critical infrastructure inspection, Power line monitoring, Coastal surveillance, Wind turbine blade inspection, Disaster site monitoring and mapping, Iceberg monitoring, Forestry, vegetation identification, agriculture crop monitoring, Hydrometric mapping, Asset management, 3D modelling, Entertainment and game market, Crowd monitoring

We will be holding a competition throughout our event to showcase just how high resolution these systems are.

Digital Information in 3D, Spotlight:
Speaking: 5TH November: ‘PhaseOne Innovations – Introducing the new iXR Range’
Technology Room: Camera systems iXU-150, iXA, the new iXR Range.



If you’re interested in Phase One Industrial Cameras, or would simply like to bend our ear – please get in touch! Drop us a line at info@3dlasermapping.com or dial 01949 838004.