Custom spherical camera integration in Bucharest

In by Grace Tupling

We’ve been in Bucharest this week, testing a custom integration with a spherical panoramic camera, offering unobstructed, high resolution imagery for Charysma Corporation.

Charysma Corp wanted to use their own camera with a 3D Laser Mapping LiDAR system to create detailed 3D visualisations of Bucharest’s streets. This data will be used by third parties to help plan and design for changes in the built environment.

Petri Nygrén, Mobile Mapping Director explained ‘the beauty of our LiDAR systems is the flexibility it gives our customers, today we worked with the team at Charysma to integrate their own camera system with our LiDAR technology. Flexibility in mobile mapping is key, as one project is rarely restricted to one method of data capture. Here we’ve been able to use best in class technology to create the end result the customer was hoping for’.

3D Laser Mapping engineer Valdis Vangas setting up the custom LiDAR scanner with the spherical paroramic camera, designed and built by Charysma Corp for a test drive around Bucharest.

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