3D Laser Mapping Launches StreetMapper in the USA

In by Sam Bentley

3D Laser Mapping has created with GeoDigital International and Terrametrix, LLC a Joint Venture Company to launch StreetMapper, the world’s most accurate mobile mapping system, in the United States. The Joint Venture Company will provide end-to-end service including local production of StreetMapper systems, research and development, frontline technical support, training and the provision of bespoke survey services.

StreetMapper has been specifically designed for the rapid 3D mapping of highways, runways, railways, infrastructure and buildings using vehicle-mounted lasers. Travelling at normal road speeds, StreetMapper 360 offers a 360-degree field of view with high precision mapping to a range of 300 metres. Capturing every detail along the highway corridor including barriers, gulleys and overhead wires, surveyors can create highly accurate 3D computer models for planning, maintenance, wide load route assessment and post-incident investigations.

“This is an important step in the development and launch of StreetMapper in the USA,” commented Dr Graham Hunter, Managing Director of 3D Laser Mapping. “By working with established and recognised industry leaders we can strengthen StreetMapper’s growing international reputation with this powerful, innovative and technologically advanced alliance.”

GeoDigital International is a world leader in field data acquisition, asset mapping and inspection services for the electric utility, pipeline, telecommunications, highway, railway and fire mapping industries. The company’s highly trained experienced professionals have mapped more than 250,000 line miles (400,000 line kms) and over 1,250,000 structures worldwide using time-tested expertise and technology, proven to reduce costs while providing critical data for inventory maintenance, security and regulatory compliance issues. “We are very excited about the addition of StreetMapper to our surveying toolkit,” said Alastair N. Jenkins, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of GeoDigital International. “This partnership will enable us to contribute to the further development of this world class surveying solution through the inclusion of advanced image and stabilisation technology and will allow us to provide additional services to our growing international client base.”

Terrametrix is the first company in North America to acquire a StreetMapper system. In June 2008, Terrametrix completed a 3,690 mile, six city tour capturing highly accurate 3D models of urban highways, interstates and trolley routes while this past winter Terrametrix hit the Midwest states of Kansas, Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota. Surveys included a nine acre power plant and a transportation site where StreetMapper was able to identify seasonal changes in paving surfaces. “We have already proven the StreetMapper system to be the most accurate mobile LiDAR system that we have used to date, collecting highly accurate measurements on real world projects. Terrametrix is therefore delighted to be part of this joint venture,” commented Michael R. Frecks, Terrametrix, LLC President.


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