3D Laser Mapping Join Forces with Data as a Service Pioneer, Pointerra

In by Grace Tupling

3D Laser Mapping Join Forces with Data as a Service Pioneers Pointerra, news announced at GeoBusiness 2018

A new partnership between geospatial technology provider 3D Laser Mapping and Data as a Service pioneer, Pointerra, is set to make access to 3D data more accessible than ever before.

The partnership bolsters 3D Laser Mapping’s aim to make highly accurate geospatial data accessible and more cost effective for the end user. Pointerra is the world’s first cloud-based platform which allows users to see, use and share 3D point clouds in a web-based interface.

“This new partnership with Pointerra has many benefits for our current and future clients” says David Primhak, sales and marketing director at 3D Laser Mapping.  “Pointerra’s DaaS (Data as a Service) model allows clients to store and visualise large datasets without the need for high performance IT equipment and expensive annual licences.

“Acquiring and analysing 3D data often requires hours of manipulation of large files which can then be difficult to share with colleagues. Pointerra’s online interface allows real-time visualisations to be accessed anywhere, making it ideal for projects which require collaboration with multiple stakeholders.”

The software also works with data from both terrestrial laser scanning systems and mobile mapping systems, which as David explains, makes it a game-changing offering for surveyors and companies looking to get more out of their hardware.

“Many of our clients have been using laser scanning technology for years and whether they rely on older static systems or have invested in the more cutting edge mobile systems such as ROBIN, they all want the same thing – fast, accurate and detailed results. Combining our systems with a new level of analysis software will help users to visualise their millimetre accurate results on demand, on any device, without specialist training.”

This announcement comes at a time when governments and NGOs are looking to provide equitable access to geospatial data to help improve public services and boost economic growth. For this to happen, acquisition and analysis need to be cost effective in the first instance.

“Because of the cost implications, point cloud data isn’t often seen as an easy-to-access solution for smaller businesses” added David. “We are hoping that by lowering the cost of processing, hosting and sharing data, we can help companies to be more open with the data they collect as well as open up opportunities for companies who lack the budget or skillset to process large datasets in house.”

3D Laser Mapping created the unique 3-in-1 mobile mapping system, ROBIN, which offers data acquisition through walk, drive and fly functionalities.

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