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3 in 1 Mobile Mapping System ROBIN Flies to South Africa for Demo Day

In by Nicholas Beaumont

Our South African team members have been busying themselves over the last few months, travelling far and wide to promote 3DLM’s latest product, ROBIN across the region. ROBIN is a truly unique system, the first of its kind to offer 3-in-1 mobile mapping capabilities across WALK, DRIVE, FLY applications.

It has been a very busy time for Matthew, Andrew and Henno and as excitement about our latest addition grew, the team decided it was time to show ROBIN in all its glory by hosting a demonstration day to let people to get up close and personal with the system.

Nestled between Pretoria and Johannesburg, Irene Dairy Farm proved to be the perfect location for the demo day – boasting spacious conference facilities alongside the farmyard grounds, which allowed plenty of room to show off ROBIN’s mobile scanning capabilities.

Things were off to a flying start with nearly forty delegates travelling from all over the greater Johannesburg area to come and see ROBIN in action. People gathered to network and take advantage of introductory drinks before Matthew, the Regional General Manager for South Africa, kicked things off with a presentation about the history and commercial profile of 3D Laser Mapping.

Next up was Dr Chris Cox who had flown out to South Africa from UK HQ especially for the event. With over ten years in the industry and a wealth of experience in mobile mapping systems, Chris discussed the history of mobile mapping and presented the first glimpse of the ROBIN to our fascinated audience.

Weighing less than 10kg for the walk/drive setup and 6kg for the fly version, the system can be set up in less than five minutes as our delegates witnessed when they had the opportunity to try the WALK option for themselves.


Then it was outside for a live action demo of ROBIN around the dairy farm grounds. See the data collected by ROBIN here on YouTube.

Following a break for lunch Dr Neil Slatcher, another member of the UK team who had flown out for the occasion, discussed slope stability and the way ROBIN can be used as a monitoring solution. Neil specialises in geotechnical analysis and is responsible for the development of 3DLM’s monitoring solutions – he really knows his stuff!

Towards the end of the day attendees were able to witness and discuss the software workflow. ROBIN is supplied with MMProcess as standard which enables users to generate geo-referenced pointclouds. For more detailed point classification, data cleaning and orthophotos specialist software can be used. 3DLM recommend ORBIT GT or TERRASOLID.

When delegates aren’t desperate to get home after a long day of demonstrations it’s usually a good sign and we are pleased to say that attendees lingered long after the closing speeches to learn and discuss more about ROBIN.

Overall, the day was a great success and we’re hugely grateful to Irene Dairy Farm, everybody who turned out to come and see us and, of course, the star of the show – ROBIN.

If you would like to host a demo day or are interesting in finding out more about ROBIN please give us a call at any of our regional office numbers below or email us at A member of the team would love to speak to you!