We're offering you the chance to get hands-on with real LiDAR data. We have three .LAS files available, all captured using the ROBIN Mobile Mapping System. The data covers different projects and applications such as civil engineering, utilities and forestry, all captured within the last year.

Captured in a range of environments, the available data showcases the capabilities of a new generation of mobile mapping systems. Suitable for use by students, educators, 3D modelers or surveyors, the data can be used for training, insight or just for fun!

The data available* covers the following:

ROBIN | WALK - Sherwood Pines (Forestry)

ROBIN | DRIVE - Silver Jubilee Bridge (Civil Engineering & Highways)

ROBIN | FLY - Manitoba, Canada (Highways, Powerlines & Civil Engineering)

*We have sample data available for other specific applications so please get in touch to find out more

Have a play with the data and let us know what you think! You can even tag us to show your results on social media - @3DLaserMapping