Hand-held Mobile Mapping System

ZEB1 is a game-changing, hand-held laser mapping system which has been designed to be used with no prior expert knowledge of 3D laser surveying methods.

How it works

The self-contained, lightweight system works totally independently of GPS and is designed to be hand-carried by an operator who is free to capture data simply by walking around mining tunnels, around commodity stock piles or remote operation via a ZEBRA device for mapping dangerous environments.All data processing is performed automatically in the cloud using highly secure Amazon servers. GeoSLAM have also re-engineered this technology to be mounted onto a mobile platform. See ZEB-REVO.

ZEB1 is used by customers to complete measured surveys of building interiors, to document road traffic accidents and crime scenes, to map underground mine and cave networks, to measure property for real estate valuations, and to facilitate contingency planning.Unlike trolley based SLAM systems, the hand-held ZEB is easy-to-use in multi-level environments such as stairways and mines; making it ideal for surveying and mapping challenging indoor and outdoor multi-level three-dimensional environments.

Data Acquisition Speed: 43,200 measurement points/sec
3D Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.1% (typically)
Maximum Range: Up to 30m (15m outdoors)
Laser Safety Class: Class 1 Eye Safe
Angular Field of View: +270 x ~100 degrees
Weight of Scanner Head: 665g
Dimensions of Scanner Head: 60 x 60 x 360mm
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