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Hand-held indoor mapping

ZEB1 is a game-changing, hand-held laser mapping system which has been designed to be used with no prior expert knowledge of 3D laser surveying methods.

How it works

The self-contained, lightweight system works totally independently of GPS and is designed be hand-carried by an operator who is free to capture data simply by walking around multi-level, three-dimensional environments.

All data processing is performed automatically in the cloud using highly secure Amazon servers.

  •   Data Acquisition Speed – 43,200 measurement points/second
  •   3D Measurement Accuracy – Typically +/-0.1%
  •   Maximum Range – Up to 30m (15m outdoors)
  •   Laser Class – Class 1 Eye Safe
  •   Angular field of view – 270 x ~100 degrees
  •   Weight of Scanner Head – 665g
  •   Dimensions of Scanner Head – 60 x 60 x 360mm
  •   Rapid scanning of large areas – up to 10x faster than traditional survey techniques, e.g. a Total Station, saving time and money on-site.
  •   Proven high accuracy – in a real-world study of a typical office environment, the average dimension deviation was +/-7mm when compared with a traditional Tape & Disto survey.
  •   Compatible with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ‘Survey Detail Accuracy Band Table’ – Band D Survey (i.e. 20mm plan accuracy at 95% confidence in typical office environments).
  •   Cost Effective – No need to purchase expensive software or maintenance contracts with a low-cost, pay-as-you go data processing service.
  •   Access all areas – with the data-logger carried in a light-weight back-pack, the operator is free to travel unimpeded through even the most challenging of environments.
  •   High Endurance – with a long-lasting, large battery pack the ZEB1 can capture data all day long on a single charge (spare batteries can be swapped out in remote locations).
  •   Versatile – ideal in areas with no GPS, even underground basements.
  •   Automatic Cloud Processing – No expert knowledge required to generate fully registered 3D Pointclouds with one click of the mouse.
  •   Geo-referencing  – accurately geo-reference 3D data to any given co-ordinate system with the use of control spheres.
  •   Lightweight – Less than 700g.
  •   Total coverage – the ZEB1 records the position of all features in a given environment by recording more than 40,000 points per second in a totally random three-dimensional pattern.
  •   Seamless Workflow – ZEB1 data can be easily imported into the leading CAD packages: e.g. Cyclone, AutoCAD, Revit, 3DReshaper and Pointools.
  •   Training & post-sales support – discover advanced user technique for the most challenging of environments and benefit from on-going support from the experts at 3D Laser Mapping.
  •   Peace of mind – 5-year warranty available.

How ZEB1 is Being Used in Industry

"The ZEB1 is ideally suited for building surveys as it truly portable and can be operated in confined spaces and difficult to access areas. The seamless workflow of raw data into PointCab combined with the unmatchable speed of processing make the ZEB1 PointCab partnership unbeatable for a range of applications including building surveys"

− Frank Torno, Head of Administration of PointCab