Handheld Laser Scanner - ZEB-REVO

GeoSLAM develops game-changing survey solutions for the measurement and mapping of multi-level three-dimensional environments.

GeoSLAM’s solutions are changing the way we survey buildings. We can now measure building plans 10-times faster than we used to with a total station or traditional survey equipment.

Morten Thoft, COWI, Denmark

We are streamlining our business on the back of this game-changing technology from GeoSLAM which is revolutionising our process for surveying underground mines.

William Hedges, ICL Fertilisers, UK


Mount and Scan

Mount the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO – lightweight revolving laser-scanner – onto your chosen mobile platform such as a vehicle or UAV and pass through your target survey environment to record more than 40,000 measurement points/second.


Process On-line

Upload your raw scan data to the GeoSLAM Cloud where Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) software will transform your survey measurements into a fully registered point cloud.


Download 3D

Replace large upfront software costs and annual maintenance charges with GeoSLAM pay-as-you go data processing and 3D download service.

If you're not sure of the words used please see our ‘Laser Scanning Jargon’ page for definitions of technical terms.

System Features:

Max Range: 30m*, Data Acquisition Rate: 43, 200 points/sec, Resolution: 0.625° horizontal 1.8 °  vertical, Angular FOV: 270 °  x 360 °, Supply Voltage: 12DVC ± 10%, Supply Current: Max 1.5A, normal 1.0A, Power Consumption: Less than 20W, Operating Temperature: 0° to + 50°c, Operating Humidity: <85% RH, Mounting Operation: Removable handle provided. Can also be pole or vehicle mounted.


Relative Accuracy: 2-3cm, Absolute Position Accuracy: 3-30cm (10 mins scanning, 1 loop)


Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo), Capacity: 8Ah +/- 5%, Nominal Voltage: 12V, Battery life: 4 hours (continuous use), Charge Time: 8 – 12 hours, Battery Lifespan: 300+ cycles, Chargers Supplied: UK, USA, EU & AUS, Weight: 600g


Data Storage Capacity: 55GB, Raw Data File Size: ~100MB for every 1 min scanning, Processed Data File Size: ~8MB for every 1 min scanning, Default output file format: .LAZ (compressed .LAS), Compatibility: Unzipped .LAS data compatible with all major CAD software packages.


Laser Safety Class: Class 1 Eye Safe, Laser Wavelength: 905nm, Scanner Line Speed: 100Hz, Scanner Resolution: 0.625° horizontal, Rotation Speed: 0.5Hz


IP Rating: IP64 (dust-tight, splash-proof), Cable Connectors: LEMO multi pin, Weight (scanner): 1,0kg, Weight (total system): 4.1kg, Dimensions (scanner): 86 x 113 x 287 mm, Dimensions (backpack): 180 x 220 x 470 mm.

*For further details, see the Specification Sheet.